Torti Nero Doc Op

Pinot Nero Barrique.jpg
Pinot Nero Barrique.jpg

Torti Nero Doc Op


Appellation: Pino Nero Doc Op. Piedmont origin vines (Monferrato) they have a relatively young history dating back towards the beginning of 1800.

Region: Lombardy

Varietals:Pino Nero 

Alcohol: 13%

Estate: Dino Torti

Description: Ruby red, smooth velvety aroma, important ethereal; full distinct taste in the mouth, with noble wood reminisces. A brief passage in barrique pleasingly highlights its structure.

Serving Temperature: 18° C.

Vinification and refinement: 

Food pairings: ed meat starters, rabbit, lamb, roasted meats,zampone and cotechini, salami, game fowl, mature cheeses.

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