Spumante Prosecco DOC Extra Dry


Spumante Prosecco DOC Extra Dry


Classification: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) 

Grapes: Glera (100%) 

Lands: Hilly of Treviso. Not very deep, well drained and not too fertilized so as not to unduly favor the natural vigor of the wine. 

Alcoholic degree: 11% in Vol. 

Area of o origin: Treviso 

Production technique: The grapes are harvested late with a soft pressure, without breaking the skins. The fermentation is carried out at low temperatures (16-18 °), very slowly and with selected yeasts. The "METHOD CHARMAT" allows to get a delicate sparkling body. 

Sensory analysis: Straw yellow color, with an elegant and persistent 'perlage'. Intense bouquet of flowers, fruit, persistent and pleasant. Dry, harmonious, with an apple feeling.
Bottling: Sterile microfiltration technique in low temperature (near 0 °) and in isobaric environment in order to preserve the foam. With atmospheric pressure between 4.5 and 5 bar.

Pairings: Ideal accompaniment to sophisticated dishes.

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