Amarone of Valpolicella DOC


Amarone of Valpolicella DOC


Classification: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) Grapes:

Corvina 60% - Rondinella 30% - Molinara 10% Lands: red-brown soil on detrital, limestone-marly and basaltic sediments

Alcoholic degree: 16% in Vol.

Area of origin: Province of Verona

Production technique: Hand made in the end of September, the grapes are collected in plateaux. fter being set in 6Kg wood plateaux, the grapes rest in a special drying room where they lose up to 40% of the weather of their initial weight. The drying on racks of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes until mid January and the ageing in large oak barrels and barriques, together with the long period of rest in bottles for at least 10 months.

Sensory analysis: A ruby red color with an intense fragrance, soft and velvety texture, with scent of dried grapes. Excellent when served with wild game, meat, roast and matured cheese. Uncork one hour before serving.

Serve at 66-68 F°.

Bottling: maceration time 35 day, 15 of them in a cold way with hand pressing. Fermentation always with controlled temperature.

Pairings: recommended with red meat, braised meat, game and fermented cheese

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